VIVINTOCORE is the choice to escape the tyranny of rationality, exploiting the power of immediacy and spontaneity.

VIVINTOCORE is a journey in search of possible means of access to the mystery of human existence. It is by no means an easy route. It is a path that winds on hard trails in an attempt to find possible interpretations of the meaning of life; to its manifest, its tangible dimension and its deep, spiritual, and often sacred, connotations. 

VIVINTOCORE is an invitation to live with full awareness of individual uniqueness. To try to go beyond the limits which inevitably exist within everyone, albeit in different forms. VINVINTOCORE encourages us to improve our existence in the world and contribute to the welfare of others, enhancing our noble characteristics and giving up unnecessary behaviours that often influence us. 

VIVINTOCORE wants to be an exploration in search of the creative power that moves the future. The energy which influences our actions. The power which constitutes a subtle source. Fundamentally, though, it hopes to find the nourishment of our existence.

VIVINTOCORE implies the desire to open up and engage in relationships. Through discussion and solidarity with others, we can exchange knowledge and improve our ability to not only improve current relationships, but to also form new ones.

The name, VINVINTOCORE, comes from the phrase to, “live into your heart.” An old metaphor, expressed in the language of Dante, suggests that if everyone can do something, maybe you should do it too. Moreover, the heart is a universal symbol for love, emotion and sensitivity. These two elements are key to what VINVINTOCORE stands for and hopes to achieve. 

The choice of weaving, in the "logo", the national language to the sublime idiom of Basile, Di Giacomo, Russian, Viviani, doesn’t want to force the search in limited geographical and cultural scopes, nor circumscribe the reflection and its expressive interfaces in the "localistic" space of one tradition. Rather, the intention is to question the genius loci, in order to obtain sophisticated survey equipment, dainty and universal instruments, able to push deeply the investigation on the complex meanings of life, trying to discover deep and essential dimensions of human existence.