Project: New York Blind Vision at Italian Consulate / Nov-Dec 2019



Blind Vision arises from Annalaura di Luggo’s interest in exploring the universe of people who perceive the world with senses other than sight. The multimedia installation (per- manently displayed at the Museum of the P. Colosimo Institute in Naples) is a recreation of the world of people deprived of sight. Installed in a grotto, visitors descend into the dark where a sequence of alternating light boxes featuring participants eyes illuminate. Accompanying the striking visuals of eyes that cannot see, are audio fragments that cap- ture the latitude of emotion felt by the blind participants. Between the realm of art and science, Blind Vision is a deeply positive experience that creates a bridge between the seeing and the blind. Blind Vision was exposed on the occasion of the XI Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD 2018) and the documentary received 2 best documentary awards by NIFF (Niagara Falls, International Film festival, New York) and Fort Myers International Film Festival (Miami)

[...] the result of Blind Vision shouldn’t be perceived only as ‘works of art’, as they lead us to a sublime experience of personal growth based human interaction.” [...]

Raisa Clavijo